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"In order to be an expert in the sports/horse racing world, you must have a deep knowledge of the odds and the sources behind the numbers. As simple of a statement as that is...there are very, very few people in the betting world that have any idea of the complexities, resources, and information that goes into making of THE LINE. You must know that to succeed. Yet, most of the public touts, radio handicappers and scammers throw these numbers around as if a 30-year database of old statistics and their power ratings can make them win. That is simply not the case."


"My position as an odds expert and as a consultant to sports books, racing stables, hedge funds and wise guys gives me the advantage over the average bettor and allows me to take the positive-expectation position and have the highest likelihood of winning. In fact, along with the very best software and resources available only to a few people, and experience second to none, I have been able to win and win BIG over the years! Now, my experience and inside sources allow me consult for two of the largest hedge funds operating legally in Nevada. In fact, maybe the only legal hedge funds in Nevada. If there is value anywhere in the Las Vegas market, we grab it, long before the average public bettors even knew there was a positive-edge."


"The basis for my major decisions comes from having the best and current line information from around the world. Next it must be condensed for accuracy, to achieve a positive result. To do that, I have to compile the point spreads and odds that make up the world market, and condense them into what I call the “POWER POINT.” These ever changing numbers ebb and flow with the world market to make sure our computer programs can sort through the data and queue up the positive-expectation positions my clients rely on."


"Even the casual bettor can benefit from our lines display to the left. Simply compare your bookie's numbers to my “POWER POINT” numbers and if there is a MAJOR variance - YOU ARE IN THE POSITION TO PLACE YOUR WAGER - knowing full well you have the accurate comparison from an expert.  You are still advised to purchase one of our very reasonably priced services, for a week, month or best of all, the season. That takes the guess work out of the equation....SIGN UP TODAY FOR THE BEST VALUE, AND AS A BETTOR, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE BEST VALUE!"


-- Dennis Tobler --



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Dennis & Cindi Tobler with Hall of Fame legend, Dick Butkus